Saturday, 25 August 2012

Recipe - Steam Salmon With Miso (Salted Soya Bean Paste)

The Norwegian salmon is a cultivated fish. Though not as good as the wild salmon, it is still a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the heart. The Norwegian Seafood Council website has a lot of information and recipes.

One popular way to cook the salmon is pairing it with miso paste (salted soya bean paste). The salmon with miso can be steamed, grilled or panfried. My favourite slamon recipe is to steam it and top it with crispy soya beans.

For this recipe, the salmon steak is simply steamed with miso. It is just as tasty and healthy.
salmon before steaming

300 grams of salmon, split into halves
1 tsp of miso
1 spring onion for garnishing

Clean the salmon of any residual scale
Rub a teaspoon of miso over the fish
Let it sit for about 15 minutes
Steam over medium heat for about 7 minutes
Serve with a sprinkle of spring onions.

You can add a dash of pepper if you like.


In this 7 minute video, the salmon is marinated with miso and pan fried. Nice way to prepare the salmon.

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