Saturday, 19 October 2013

Recipe - Steam Rabbit fish With Oyster Sauce And Leeks

The white-spotted rabbit fish lives in coastal waters and feeds on seaweed and algae. The rabbit fish is highly sought after for eating during the Chinese Lunar New Year. At this time, the fishes breed and their roe are particularly relished. Called 'Pei Tor', the Chinese believe eating it brings good luck. A week or so before the Chinese Lunar New Year, the price of this rabbit fish will just shoot up !

There are many ways to flavour the fish. In this recipe I use oyster sauce and leeks to flavour the fish. Leeks have a mild onion-like taste and helps to get rid of any sea smell. A tomato is added to give the dish a slight tangy taste. The fish turn out very nice. The flavour of the oyster sauce, leeks and tomato comes out very well. I mean I like it.

To prepare the rabbit fish for steaming, I use a pair of scissors to snip off the head and tail, and remove the gut with the tips of the scissors. 

Rubs salt light over the fish and let them sit for about 15 minutes and rinse with water. This helps to get rid of any sea smell.

(Note: If you buy the rabbit fish with roe, then steam the fish whole so that you can enjoy the roe.)

1 kg of rabbit fish (about 10 pieces)
2 leeks, cut diagonally, about 1 cm thick
1 tomato, cut into smaller peices
1 tbs of oyster sauce

Lay the fish over a steaming plate after cleaning
Mix a tbs of oyster sauce with 1 tbs of water
white spotted rabbit fish
Spread the oyster sauce mix over the fish          
Top the fish with tomato and leeks
Steam over medium heat for about 8 minutes
Take out and serve.


A 4 minute video on steaming fish fillet

Another way to steam fish with shallots and ginger in this 3 minute video

If you like to braise fish, this video from Taiwan is a good one.
The chef coated the fish with egg, pan fry and added other condiments.

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