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Recipe - Cooking Clay Pot Rice In A Rice Cooker

Traditionally, the clay pot rice is cooked in a clay pot over a charcoal fire to give it a distinctive flavour. That was in the good old days before the electric rice cooker was invented.  A variety of ingredients, such as dried meat or sausage, pork, spare ribs or chicken can be used to give different flavours.

Typically the rice is rinsed and cooked in a clay pot until half done. The rest of the ingredients are then added and cooked over a low heat until done.

In this recipe I used the rice cooker instead of the clay pot.

Chinese sausage or lup cheong and slice pork are the main ingredients. Shitake mushrooms are added for extra flavour.

This dish goes very well with a soup.

For a complete meal, you can always add some green vegetables as a topping.

Ingredients (serves 2)

125 gms lean pork, sliced thinly.
Marinate the pork with a tsp each of dark soy, light soy, oyster sauce, sesame oil, chopped ginger and garlic, a dash of pepper and corn flour.

1 cup rice (rinsed)                                            
lup cheong
2 pcs lup cheong, slice thinly.
3 shitake mushrooms, sliced.
1 slice of ginger, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped.
1 tsp each of oyster sauce, light soy, dark soy and sesame oil.
A dash of pepper.


In a pan, on medium heat, fry the lup cheong till fragrant. No oil is needed as the lup cheong is oily.

Set aside the lup cheong.

Using the leftover oil in the pan, fry the ginger, garlic and mushroom.
Toss in the rice and mixed well.
Add in the sauces (oyster sauce, light soy, dark soy and sesame oil).
Mix well and transfer the mixture into a rice cooker.

Add 3/4 cup of chicken stock to the rice mixture.
Mix well and turn on the cooker.

When the rice is cooked halfway (about 5 minutes),
Add in the marinated pork and fried lup cheong.
Add some chopped spring onions for extra flavour.

[As this stage, you can also add some green vegeatbles, like shanghai green or kai lan]

After the rice cooker turns "warm" for 10 minutes, dish and serve.



Enjoy some videos on cooking clay pot rice.

This one is from Jaden Hair (link)
She used the rice cooker.

One more video

This video shows how to cook clay pot chicken rice.

The clay pot rice is very popular in Hong Kong.