Sunday, 31 July 2016

Viva Industrial Trust (SGX: T8B.SI)

Viva Industrial Trust ("VIT") is a Singapore-focused business park and industrial trust listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange ("SGX-ST"), which comprises Viva Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust ("VI-REIT") and Viva Industrial Business Trust ("VI-BT"). VIT focuses in a diversified portfolio of income-producing real estate that is predominantly for business parks and other industrial purposes in Singapore and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region.
VIT properties cover an aggregate gross floor area of 2.9 million sq ft and are strategically located in key business parks and established industrial clusters. Its five properties, with a total of 16 buildings, serve over 100 tenants with multinational corporations (MNCs) contributing approximately 68% of its underlying gross rental income.
Listed on SGX on 4 Nov 2013.
Company website (link)
Financial year is from Jan 1 to Dec 31.

1.  VIT plans to acquire 3 new properties by end 2015 for $190 million.
EGM will be held on 16 Nov 2015 on proposed issue of 160,819,00 new units to raise $110 million.
2.  From 2016, VIT will pay 90% of distributable income instead of 100%.

3.  List of sponsors and strategic partners on pg 6 (link)

3Q2015 Result announced on 27 Oct 2015. (link)

Units issued is 707,497,015.

Cash as at 30 Sep 2015 is $7,299,000.
Debt as at 30 Sep 2015 is $380,580,000.
Net property Income is $12,504 million.
DPU is 1.647 cents ($11,622,000)
NAV is 82.73 cents.

4Q2015 results announced on 26 Jan 2016 (link)

Units issued is 863,118,597
Cash as at 31 Dec 2015 is $47,884,000.
Debt as at 31 Dec 2015 is $459,217,000.
Net property income is $13,725,000.
DPU is 1.634 cents ($12,463,000)
NAV is 81.29 cents.

1Q2016 results announced on 28 April 2016 (link) and (link)

Units issued is 865.5 million.
Cash as at 31 Mar 2016 is $25,442,000.
Debt as at 31 Mar 2016 is $443 million.
Net Property income is $15.798 million.
DPU is 1.638 cents ($14.143 mil)
NAV is 81.1 cents

2Q2016 results announced on 27 Jul 2016 (link) & (link)

Units isssued is 865.5 million.
Cash as at 30 Jun 2016 is $13,338,000.
Debt as at 30 Jun 2016 is $481.652 million.
Net property income is $17.197 million.
DPU is 1.75 cents ($15.147 mil)
NAV is 80.67 cents.

3Q2016 results announced on 21 Oct 2016. (link) & (link)

Units issued is 868.112 million.
Cash as at 30 Sep 2016 is $14,260,000.
Debt as at 30 Sep 2016 is $488 million.
Net property income is $17.4 million
DPU is 1.81 cents. ($15.713 mil)
NAV is 80.3 cents.

1Q2017 results announced on 27 April 2017 (link) & (link)

Units issued is 959,954,000
Cash as at 31 Mar 2017 is $10,885,000
Debt as at 31 Mar 2017 is $521 million.
Net property income is $20.3 million.
DPU is 1.854 cents ($17.8 million)
NAV is 79.2cents.

2Q2017 results announced on 26 Jul 2017 (link) & (link)
As at 30 Jun 2017
Units issued is 967,473,000
Cash is $11,717,000
Debt is $514.590 million.
Net property income is $20.2 million.
DPU is 1.861 cents ($21.0 million)
NAV is 79 cents.

4Q2017 results announced on 26 Jan 2018. (link) and (link)
As at 31 Dec 2017
Units issued is 972,658,000.
Cash is $8,242,000.
Debt is $520,544,000.
NPI is $20.7 million.
DPU is 1.857 cents ($17.5 million)
NAV is 76.5 cents.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Vitamin K2 And D With Dr Sarah Booth

The body needs calcium to build strong bones and teeth. But calcium does not act alone. It needs vitamin D for absorption, vitamin K2 to distribute it to the right places and vitamin A to discharge excess calcium. Calcium also needs magnesium to balance it.

Vitamin K2 does 2 things. It put calcium in the right places, ie, bones and teeth and removes calcium from places where it should not be, ie, soft tissues like the arteries (plaque in arteries). eyes (cataract) and kidney (kidney stones).

One practical example is vitamin K2 not only prevents tooth decay, vitamin k2 can actually repair tooth cavities.

Dr Sarah Booth is a Senior Scientist and Director of the Vitamin K Laboratory, Tufts University. Her CV:

In this FAQ session (47 minutes), she discusses:

Why is vitamin K important? 

How much vitamin K should I take and which form? 

Is it important to balance vitamin K intake with vitamin D and other nutrients?

The takeaway:

1. There are 2 forms of Vitamin K2. 

One is plant base. The body can convert Vitamin K1 which is abundantly available from green leafy vegetables and turn it into Vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 is also available from grass fed animals such as cattle and chicken. (The problem is many cows and chicken are no longer grass fed.)

The surprise is that Vitamin K2 can be found in fermented food, like natto (Japanese fermented soya beans), kimchi, tempeh and natural cheese.

2.  Drugs like coumarin and warfarin which are used to treat high blood pressure prevents vitamin K2 from doing its job. As a consequence, people with high blood pressure and using the drugs will eventually succumb to cardio vascular diseases.

3. She recommends that people eat more vegetables.

Dr Sarah Booth on Vitamin K2.
Enjoy the video.