Friday, 4 April 2014

Joke - Maid Service

A maid wanted a salary raise:

Madam wanted 3 reasons why she wanted a raise

Maid: I can cook Better than you.

Madam: who told you that ?

Maid: your husband told Me?

Madam: Ok, second reason

Maid: I can iron Better than you.

Madam: who told you that?

Maid: Your husband told Me.

Madam: Ok, and the third reason?

Maid: I am also Better in bed than you.

This time madam was furious & was getting ready to break her head.

Madam: Did my husband say that?

Maid: No the driver told me that I’m better in bed than you are.

Madam: Please lower your voice I will increase your salary…

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