Monday, 15 October 2012

Recipe - Stir Fry Enoki Mushroom With ChaoSanSi

What is chaosansi ? The can of chaosansi is a mixture of crunchy and spicy mix of shredded pork, shredded shitake mushrooms and shredded bamboo shoots. It is tasty on its own if you do not mind that it is a bit salty. It goes very well with a bowl of porridge or congee. Chao menas stir fry and san si means shredded three.

The can of chaosansi is also very versatile as an ingredient for stir fry with other vegetables. In this way, the dish won't be so salty.

A variety of vegetables can be added. Bean sprouts, dow miao (pea sprouts), shredded carrots are some examples. It is really up to you. Vegetables add colour, crunch and a whole lot of goodness to the dish. In this recipe, I simply stir fry the chaosansi with a bunch of enoki mushrooms.

1 can of chaosansi (198 grams)
1 bundle of enoki mushrooms, 100 grams

Cut off the base of the mushrooms and rinse with water

Heat a wok or pan.
Toss in the chaosansi and mushrooms and stir fry for about 2 minutes.

There is no need to add oil or salt.
You still get a spicy and crunchy dish of mixed vegetables with shredded pork.


A nice 5 minute video on stir fry chicken with bamboo shoots and wood ear mushrooms.

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