Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Silver - The Element Of Change

This video from The Silver Institute covers numerous facets of one of the most widely-used and indispensable precious metals: silver. The video explores silver’s role in history and how it changed the course of countless lives in times of the Greek and Roman Empires, when it was used to prevent infection.
Focusing on its remarkable properties as an element of change, the video looks at silver’s role in industry, highlighting its ability to make today’s mobile interconnected life possible as well as its use in medicine and water purification, which relies primarily on its natural antibacterial qualities. The video also notes silver’s importance to fashion through exquisite silver jewelry, and finally it speaks to silver’s intrinsic worth as well as its role as a store of value, given its historical and modern use as a popular investment.

Video is 7 minutes long.

Price of silver on 7 Jan 2013 is US$31.86 an oz.

Let's see how this pans out.

1 year chart of SLV

Chart foriShares Silver Trust (SLV)


  1. SLV or UOB saving doesn't tie the actually price of silver to the physical. We often see the stock pile at said, at a very low stock pile but yet the price doesn't reflect the market price. I would urge the reader of the blog to consider physical owning of silver instead of SLV

    1. I can agree with your comment. The silver at SLV and UOB are unallocated silver, meaning they are the property of the banks and can therefore be used by the banks for trading. There is always the counter party risk.