Saturday, 16 March 2013

Recipe - Chinese Cuisine

This 4 part video showcase a variety of Chinese cuisines from stir fry to steam seafood.

Part 1 - 25 minutes. This video from Food Safari shows how to do some Chinese dishes which are very popular in Australia, like beef stir fry, crispy squid, steam fish with black beans, oyster kai lan and other dishes.

Part 2 - 28 minutes. Ching He Huang shows how to cook stir fry chicken noodles, sweet and sour pork and beef stir fry with oyster sauce.

Part 3 - 30 minutes. Ching He Huang cooks seafood in this video. Recipes include steam seabass with beer, pan fried monk fish, steam scallops with black beans, fish and chips and chilli crab.

Part 4 - 30 minutes, is about Sichuan recipes. Ching He Huang shows how to cook orange beef steak, chilly chicken, chilly bacon, spicy prawns with green beans, spicy eggplant with mince pork and the spicy Sichuan hot pot or fondue.

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