Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fruits And Juices Should Be Eaten Before Meals

Those days before development of medical science, research and technology, most people often eat fruits immediately after food thereafter symptoms aroused. A lot of patients had recovered since Dr. Stephen Mark, a cardiologist had treated fatal ill cancer patients by “abnormal” method. He described that his patients’ illnesses were treated by applying some kind of solar power, whereby human body has a natural ability to heal that could fight against viruses. Illnesses are caused by insufficient supply of essential elements and nutrients leading to low immune system.
Good health is to develop strong body cells, an excellent body resistance and natural healing ability which is essential for our living organism needs. Therefore, our body requires a self-management system to supply the nutrients and elements to our human body cells. Healthy body cells can only be established through proper receiving of nutrients. Nevertheless, if erroneous way of food intake is applied, our body cells will not be able to do its job well.
It is eminent to know that we should eat fruits on an empty stomach or at least one hour before meal for better absorption. By doing so would aid to detoxify our system and at the same time provide us a lot of energy and help to reduce weight.
Assuming you eat a slice of fruit immediately after you finishes your meal. Although the slice of fruit is willing to go directly into your stomach and intestines but it is not able to do so. The meal became rotten, fermented and then change into acid. The whole fruit in your stomach begins to mess up the moment the food mix with the fruit and digestive juices. Have you come across people saying that they burp each time they ate apple or orange or they wanted to go to the washroom after eating watermelon and so forth. When the fruit muddle up with other food in your stomach, it turns rotten and produces gas causing your stomach to bloat.
Why some people encounter nervous outbreak, ring beneath the eyes and bald or gray hair? This is attributed to non-consuming fruits with an empty stomach. According to Dr. Herbert Shelton who carried out a research on this matter regardless of whether they are acidic, all fruits that go into our stomach will turn alkaline. The secret of happiness, health, beauty, longevity, energy and sustainable body weight all lies beyond the right way of eating fruits.
We should eat the whole fresh fruits or drink fresh juice while our stomach is empty. Try not to drink juices from cans as they are not so fresh. A better method of drinking juice is by drinking it slowly, mixing it with our saliva before we swallow it. Moreover, never cook your fruits as the vitamins and nutrients will be destroyed by heat. If you want to own a perfect body figure, try to take fast fruit for 3 to 4 days. Not only will it help to cleanse your body but you would be amazed when someone tells you how radiant, glowing and beautiful you look! If your attempt works fine for you, why not make this a daily habit to eat fresh fruits or drink fruit juice whilst your stomach is unfilled with other food

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