Friday, 13 April 2012

Recipe - Coleslaw

This is a simple salad made famous by KFC. Somehow cabbage, carrot, and onion makes very good combination. Add mayonnaise and a little bit of sugar and the combination becomes a tasty sensation. It goes very well with grilled or fried chicken.


I use 3 portions of cabbage with 1 portion of carrot and 1 large onion.
For a large bowl of coleslaw, use about 300 gms of cabbage, 1 carrot and 1 large onion.

Chopped into smaller pieces. Separate into 2 portions and use an electric kitchen chopper to finely chop them up.

Put the finely chopped vegetables into a bowl, add 2 tbs of mayonnaise and 1 tbs of sugar.

Stir well and they are ready for serving.

Coleslaw taste better when served cold.

This dish can be prepared before hand, packed into a plastic container and kept in the fridge.

Here is a short video for making coleslaw.

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