Sunday, 29 July 2012

Recipe - Broccoli, Carrot And Enoki Mushroom in Abalone Sauce

Enjoy the variety of flavours and health benefits these vegetables provide in this simple quick and easy recipe. Broccoli is known for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Carrot is good for the heart and the eyes. Enoki mushroom has anti-cancer properties and enhance the immune system. These 3 vegetables have an appealing contrast in colour and texture.

In this recipe, the vegetables are blanched in boiling water and spoon over with abalone sauce. No oil is used.

Abalone sauce is quite similar to oyster sauce but is slightly more fragrant.

enoki mushroom
10 florets of broccoli,
1 carrot, slice thinly in oval shape
100 grams of enoki mushroom, trim off the bottom
1 tbs of abalone sauce

In boiling water, blanch carrots for about 5 minutes
Blanch broccoli for about 3 minutes, leaving it with some crunch
Blanch the mushroom for about 1 minute
Arrange them on a serving plate

Mix one tablespoon of abalone sauce in half a cup of hot water and spoon over the vegetables.
Enjoy a plate of crunchy broccoli, crunchy carrot and chewy mushrooms full of goodness.

This 3 minute video shows broccoli paired with tufu in oyster sauce:

In this 4 minute video, enoki mushroom is used in a mixed salad

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