Friday, 13 July 2012

Recipe - Steam Salmon Fillet With Crispy Soya Beans

The crispy soya beans adds crunch and flavour to the salmon fillet. To enjoy this dish to the fullest, make sure that the fillet is boneless. Then you can pop the crispy soya beans with the fish into the mouth to enjoy the rich flavours and the crunch.

The salmon fillet do come with a few bones. The first thing to do is to run the fingers over the fillet and take out the bones with a pair of tweezers.

A lot of info on Norwegian salmon here

For this recipe, I use 300 grams of salmon fillet. It is a small piece, enough for one or two persons as a side dish.

The crispy soy beans need to be prepared before steaming the fish. For this small piece of fish I use a handful of soyabeans, about 40 grams.

Soak the soya beans in water for about an hour to soften them and use an electric chopper to coarsely cut them.

Put the chopped soya beans in small bowl, cover them in oil, about 1 to 2 tablespoon.
Microwave on high for about 3 minutes. Start with one minute and use increment of 30 seconds. This is to ensure they are not burnt. They should be golden brown and crispy with a flavour of its own.

More details in my earlier post on crispy soya beans:

For the fillet, I cut it into 4 smaller pieces. The fillet was very fresh and there is no odour. For salt, I rub a dash of salted soya bean paste on the fillet. Steam for about 5 minutes on medium heat and it is done.

Spoon the crispy soya beans over the steam fillet and enjoy the exquisite taste of crunchy soya beans with steamed salmon.

In this 6 minute video from Taiwan, the steamed cod fish fillet is topped with crispy soya beans and hot chilli paste. It seems that Taiwanese can buy the crispy soya beans off the shelf. The chef has to fry the beans again to make them crispy. The video is in mandarin but you should be able to understand how the dish is prepared.

This video recipe uses the crispy soya beans to go with pan fried salmon


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