Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Recipe - Chicken Soup With Onions, Carrot, Celery And Potato

This simple home made chicken soup is full of nutrients essential for health. When cooked, the chicken releases the amino acid cysteine which helps to loosen mucous in the lungs and nasal passages making it easier for you to cough it out and to blow your nose. Carrots contain beta carotene (this is a provitamin that can be converted to vitamin A), calcium, potassium, and vitamins B and C. Carrots also have antiseptic properties. Onions contain the flavonoid quercetin, which has antioxidant and antihistamine properties. They also contain properties that help fight infections. Quercetin does not break down in the soup; instead its healing properties are transferred to the broth. Celery is rich in vitamin C and has been shown to reduce inflammation and help prevent free radical damage. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and is necessary for preventing and fighting colds.

Ingredients: (Serves 5)
5 chicken thighs, bone in without skin
2 carrots, peel and cut into bite size
2 potatoes, peel and cut into bite size
2 large onions, peel and roughly chopped
2 stalks celery, cut into bite size
1 can button mushrooms (champignons)
1 teaspoon salt for taste
1 teaspoon white peppercorn

Blanch the chicken thighs in boiling water for 2 minutes to get rid of surface fat and smell.

In a pot, bring one litre of water to a boil.
Add the peppercorn, salt, chicken and onions.
Turn the heat to medium low and boil for 30 minutes. 
Add the vegetables and simmer on medium low for another 15 minutes.
Taste and more salt if necessary.
Chicken soup is ready to serve. Eat, drink and be healthy.


In this 8 minute video, this chicken soup is cooked using a crock pot or slow cooker.

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