Saturday, 16 June 2012

Durian And Health Benefits

Durian contains abundant nutrients including protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, iron and phosphorus. It is considered a "heaty" fruit because it has rich nutrients. Durian can help to nourish the body, invigorate the blood circulation and dissipate the coldness. Although the nutrition value of durian is very high, people should not eat it excessively. The excessive intake of durian can cause "heatiness" in the body and the abundant nutrients cannot be completely absorbed by the human body. Because of a large amount of sugar, the excessive intake of durian can also worsen the symptoms of the patients with diabetes. Durians should be eaten in moderation so as make full use of abundant nutrients contained in durian like calcium and phosphorus.

This 22 minute video explains the different flavours of durian and how to choose the one you like.

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