Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Recipe - Steam Sutchi Fillet With Ginger Oil

The sutchi fish (catfish) is a fatty fish with mild flavour. That means the fish will absorb the flavours of the seasoning. The sutchi fillet is a versatile ingredient. It can be steamed, fried or grilled and is used often in the popular fish and chips.

The fillet is sold frozen because most of them are imported from Vietnam, In this recipe, the fillets are steamed and topped with fried ginger and oil.

To prepare the fillet, the first thing to do is to rub lightly a bit of salt on the fillet after thawing and rinse away the salt. This will take away any sea smell or mud smell from the fish.

steamed fillet
2 sutchi fillets
1 sprig spring onion, cut into 1 inch length
2 slices of ginger for steaming
2 inches of ginger, finely julienne for frying
1 teaspoon of oyster sauce mixed with 1 teaspoon of light soy
1 chilli padi
2 tbs of oil

Lightly rub salt on the fillet and rinse the fillets
Place the fillet on serving plate, spoon the oyster sauce mix with light soy over the fillet.
Place the ginger slices and a few pieces of spring onion over the fish.
Steam for about 8 minutes.

fresh spring onion and chilli on steamed fillet
Remove the steamed ginger slices and spring onion.
Replace with fresh spring onions.

In a wok or pan, fry the julienne ginger in oil till fragrant and the ginger is golden brown.

Spoon the ginger and oil over the fillet and serve (top left picture).


In this 3 minute video, the fish is rub with salt and corn starch and rinsed to get rid of the sea smell. It is a more thorough method.

A short 3 minute video showing how pan fry sutchi fillet seasoned with garlic and pepper powder.

In this video in Taiwanese, a mixture of hokkien and mandarin, the steam fish is flavoured with crispy soya beans. The fish fillet is flavoured with salt and pepper and steamed for about 5 minutes. Hot bean paste is fried separately to give the oil flavour. The oil is used to fry the crushed soya beans till crispy. Crispy soya beans are spooned over the steamed fish.


A nice and easy way to steam fish fillet with Thai style chilli sauce


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