Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Recipe - How To Make Soon Kueh (Turnip Dumpling)

This traditional Teochew snack is made with rice flour dough that is rolled into thin skin and filled with savoury shredded turnip filling. I tried this recipe to see if my soon kueh is as good as those from the popular Yong's Teochew Kueh. What is the verdict ?

big and mini soon kueh

The first step is to make the filling of shredded turnips. Details on how to cook the shredded turnips can be found in my earlier post :

For this recipe, you need to double the amount of filling stated in the posting.

Now to make the skin or the wrapper.
soon kueh with sweet sauce and spring onion
Recipe makes about 60 mini soon kueh

Ingredients for the dough
300g rice flour
100g tapioca starch
1 tsp salt

600 ml boiling water
2 tbs vegetable oil

Mix dry ingredients.

Add boiling water in flour mixture and stir until well mixed. Mixture will be hot and a dough will turn slightly translucent. Add more boiling water if the mixture is too dry.

Once dough is cool enough to handle but still very hot, mix in the oil. Knead the dough, dusting tapioca starch as necessary, until a smooth slightly tacky dough is formed. Let dough rest covered for 10 mins or more.

To make wrappers, divide the dough into 4 equal portions. Roll each portion into a log. Cut out 2 inch of dough at each time, rolling it into a circle. Using a rolling pin (dusted with tapioca starch), roll the dough into a flat disc as thin as possible. Drizzle tapioca starch to prevent dough from sticking. Use a round cutter to cut out the wrappers. (You can use a small round bowl or a cup to cut out the wrappers)

I cut the dough into circles of 5cm in diameter for mini soon kueh. 
Add in the filling and seal by pressing the dough ends together. 

Steam the soon kueh in batches. Lay them on a steaming plate. Brush the plate with oil to prevent sticking. Steam for 5-7 minutes for mini kueh or longer for bigger kueh. Dough should be slightly translucent when cooked.

The soon kueh can be kept in the fridge for 1 or 2 days but keep in the freezer for longer period. Reheat or steam before eating.

What's the verdict ? Yummy !

A full 7 minute video on how to make soon kueh

A short video on how to make "perng kueh" or glutinous rice snack

Another way to make the dough for the skin wrappers.

Nice video on how to make soon kueh


  1. Can have recipe for ku chai kueh also.

    - joanne

    1. I will post a recipe for ku chai kueh when I next cook it

  2. Hi Thomas
    The soon kueh look delicious n would like to try making it.
    Can use Glade parchment paper to line the whole Tefel tray n apply extra light olive oil before n after steaming the soon kueh?
    Can use sweet potato flour instead of tapioca flour?
    The ingredients can roughly make how many?
    After steaming can brush the soon kueh with extra light olive oil to prevent it from drying?
    Lastly, where to buy the dumpling press n cost how much?
    Thanks a lot .....

    1. Hi Lyn
      The parchment paper can withstand heat in the oven but I do not know whether it can withstand hot water as in steaming. Just do without the parchment paper and apply the olive oil directly on the Tefal tray.
      Can use sweet potato flour instead of tapioca flour? I do not know. The difficult part is to make a wrap that is thin and yet does not break. I have used sweet potato flour for frying oyster omelette to give a gooey texture. So using sweet potato flour instead of tapioca flour may not work.
      For a 5 cm diameter wrap (mini soon kueh), this recipe makes about 60 pieces.
      After steaming, you can certainly brush the soon kueh with light olive oil.
      For the dumpling press, I use the open end of a drinking cup or glass. I have several sizes of drinking cups and glasses at home. A wine glass would be perfect.
      Have a try, it is fun and the soon kueh is nice.