Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Recipe - Wolfberry Leaves Stir Fried With Mince Pork

Wolfberry leaves (kau kee in Singapore language) are great for lowering high blood pressure. They are packed with vitamins C and E and have lots of antioxidants. They are known for lowering high blood pressure, protecting the liver, slow down ageing and improving eyesight. One common recipe is to boil them in a soup with egg. In this recipe, the leaves are stir fried with mince pork.

stalk of wolfberry leaves
Although not so common, they are available in the market and supermarket. You have to look for them. They are sold in bunches for about $1.40 each.

The main vein of the leaf is bitter. Although I suspect a lot of goodness is in the vein, the bitter taste does put off  many people.

To prepare this dish, first pluck the leaves by tearing them off the main vein. With the thumb and the index finger, fold the broadest part of the leaf together, grip and pull it away from the main vein.

The wolfberry leaves cook very fast, in just a minute or so. When cooked, the leaves turn dark green

1 bunch of wolfberry leaves(250 grams or 20 stalks)
50 gm of mince pork
remove leaf from vein
1 tbs of light soy sauce
A dash of white pepper
3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 tbs of cooking oil

Heat the oil and garlic in a wok or pan in medium heat.
Toss in the mince pork and stir till pork is cooked.
Add the light soy sauce and a dash of white pepper
Toss in the leaves and stir quickly.
It takes about a minute to cook and the leaves turn dark green.
Dish out and serve.

A video on how to grow wolfberry plant.

A 2 minute video on cooking the traditional Chinese wolfberry leaves soup

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